Today's Collab Space Member Spotlight is on Stephen L Whiteley of Happiness Works!

Stephen loves to help people let go of their stress, conflict & hurts to embrace their deepest held desires and enjoy the happy way of living:

"There is still hope for you and yours! I was living the happy life and then was brought down by marital strife. This felt so wrong and I felt powerless to change it. However, when I finally made a decision to get happy again, and took some new action, to my surprise, the relationship started getting better. My wife and I are now more deeply in love than ever, I have ended unhappiness in my life, and it is so rewarding to bring this gift to others."

Thank you for sharing your story Stephen - you are a valued member of the Collab Space community!

Follow Stephen on Twitter: @StephenLWhitele
And visit his website here