Today's Collab Space member spotlight is on Greg Diaczyk of Wildcat Engineering Solutions Inc.!

Wildcat Engineering Solutions Inc. is a dynamic company set to offer aid to other engineering firms looking to outsource their mechanical engineer designs, drafting and prototyping. The people at Wildcat Engineering Solutions bring a collection of ideas and ingenuity from the defense and protective equipment industry, developing mechanical engineering design solutions for over 16 years. They have helped over 10 companies build and develop their own products and designs and are eager to meet new people and companies to bring their designs to fruition.

Wildcat Engineering Solutions has recently added the capabilities of a 3D printer to their repertoire and are now currently offering custom commissions of Comic Book Style Armour & Costumes, Props and accessories for the avid gamer, Comic-con adventure and 501st (STAR WARS) members looking to have their own costume suit of 3D Printed costume amour or accessory.

Check out his website HERE

Thanks for being such an awesome Collab member, Greg!