Hey Collaborators! Happy Thursday and Happy 1st Day of June!

We hope you're having an awesome week! As always, we're going to take a moment to say thank you for another fantastic member of our community: Dan Cousineau of We Family Entertainment!

We Family Entertainment is a community of Music and Entertainment Professionals who specialize in Media, Audio and all Entertainment.

They also specialize in properly marketing artists to allow professional development. Their market differs from students in high school to adults already involved in music who wish to get more information or exposure to a studio, to photo shoots, video clip filming, marketing and/or anything that relates to artist development. Not only do they develop the natural instincts that an artist thrives on, they also offer a wide variety of staff with many different experiences. Serious artists from all backgrounds are welcome!

Keep up the great work, Fam!
Feel free to check out their website here!