Hi Collaborators! Today’s Collab Space Member Spotlight features Marie Cormier, Founder and CEO of Educate and Feed Communities Foundation.

Marie’s passion is to help the poorest of the world; she has invested her life into the lives of impoverished and forgotten people. She believes that eliminating extreme poverty is possible, and that the greatest help we can give is to permit people to develop their own lives so that ultimately they are free of need for outside support or intervention. This is why her vision is to help rebuild Haiti on equality.

Educate and Feed Communities Foundation is a newly founded non-profit organization, headquartered in Stittville, Ontario, Canada. They focus on providing accessible education to children and adults, creating programs of economic empowerment for members of their community and supporting children, men and women. Some of their objectives include providing free education to the poorest children with breakfast and a hot lunch every day; providing free education to adults who would like to learn to read and write their name; and offering scholarship programs for high school graduates to assist with university or professional school tuition.

We thank Marie for all the wonderful work she has done and continues to do. Please take some time to learn more about Educate and Feed Communities Foundation by visiting their website here!