Happy Friday Collaborators! Before we head out for the long weekend, we wanted to give a shoutout to Meo Electric!

Meo Electric is a Canadian company focused on the commercialization of the latest and best electric vehicle (EV) charging technologies. Meo was founded by a multidisciplinary team of business developers and engineers. Based in Ottawa and Montréal, we service Ontario, Québec and New Brunswick extensively, and will soon expand operations to British Columbia. Meo Electric is built on the belief that the choices and actions of an individual can cumulatively have a huge impact on the health and future of our country. Their goal from day one has been to make it easier for individuals to make the transition to driving electric, zero-emission vehicles. Today, Meo’s turnkey installation service for electric vehicle chargers offers an easy and personalized solution for any individual, business, or government in need of electric car charging infrastructure.

You can follow Meo on Twitter here  Twitter.com/MeoElectric
…and visit their website below!