Collab Space has welcomed Warriors of the Light founder, Beth Sturdevant, and her business into our co-working space and we’re excited to feature her in our Members Spotlight.

Warriors of the Light (WOTL) is an organization forged from the life experiences and dreams of Beth Sturdevant. Its mission is to bring together individuals, inspired by the actions and best attributes of ancestral warrior cultures, to help strengthen and support each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

WOTL conducts training sessions that combine Sword and Shield techniques (influenced by Viking Era weaponry), with various healing arts and mindfulness methods, aimed at helping people connect with and fortify their warrior spirit.

As we learn to tap into our strengths and courage, we discover that the same energies used to fight external enemies can also be turned inwards to confront blocks we may be holding inside, those which often limit us from living our lives with more confidence and grace.

WOTL runs weekly Shieldmaiden Training classes for women-only, as well as weekly Sword and Shield Training classes open to both men and women.

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