1.     Customer rewards program

Offering customers rewards through a point system or additional promotional deals is a great way to attract new customers and retain others. It can create a sense of loyalty, reduce buying power and help gain a competitive advantage.  This will  also help segment your customers and enable you to tailor your marketing strategy. In essence, if executed effectively rewards programs can help increase sales through an incentive to shop more often.





  1. Give customers and inside scoop

This option is more to illustrate that you genuinely care about your customers and want to add value to their experience. Giving your clients and inside scoop means that during their visit you let them know of any upcoming sales or promotions on the product/service they are purchasing. Now this may sound counterintuitive, since high price means increase revenue, however it is more about creating a relationship with your customer. As a result, when customers have something to purchase they will make sure to check you store first and thus increase your sales in the long run.



  1. Upselling

Many small businesses owners find it hard to upsell, as they might try to immediately increase the profitability of their sales. The success behind upselling lies in understanding your customers purchase behaviors and needs, which are generated over a long period of time. For instance, Bell and Rogers Communications will only begin to offer additional services after a customer has been with them for an appropriate length of time. In context, business owners should to the same and in the long run  should help increase overall sales.